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You can match them with almost any outfit. To accomplish this style, look for exaggerated, oversized frame styles. You will be surprised how well texture-mixing works with eyewear. A style that always makes you feel good. Razz — Get yours here!

The Best Men’s Sunglasses of Top 10+ Most Stylish Trends of this Summer Posted April 6, by VintandYork This summer’s men’s sunglasses trends are a .
The Best Men’s Sunglasses of Top 10+ Most Stylish Trends of this Summer Posted April 6, by VintandYork This summer’s men’s sunglasses trends are a .
How To: Choosing Glasses for Square Face Shapes - th.
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Keen — Get yours here! Oversized glasses are the most attention-grabbing accessories you can wear. Flight of Fancy Eyeglasses in Onyx — see them here. Razz — Get yours here!

Santorini Round Frame in Ivy. They can be seen in most of the festival pictures or fashion street movements — they clearly stood the test of time! Style them with fashion top hats, gears, belts and steampunk-inspired fashion.

They usually include bright colors with reflective lenses and patterns currently trending, like oversized rims, large temples, a double bridge or pointed end points. Big Timer — Get yours here!

Round eyeglasses are the way to go for square-shaped faces with big foreheads , heart-shaped and square-shaped ones. Having wider lenses at the top, t hey keep balance with a wide forehead. Wondering how would you look with round glasses? Take your time and think about the way this kind of glasses will fit your clothing style. In fashion, matching is crucial! The Charleston — Get yours here! Browline glasses are the go-to accessory for a geek hipster look but they are also suitable as business eyeglasses.

They mimic how eyebrows frame the face and offer a hip vibe. This style of eyeglasses frames are part of the recent hipster glasses movement, but they draw their inspiration from the 60s, the era Mad Men rocked.

This kind of eyewear fits perfectly a narrow face that needs fullness and decreased length. Narrow face shapes need bolder frames to help draw attention to the eyes. Here you can find eyeglasses that fit a narrow face type. Choose a classic black frame for a refined look. Hell K — Get yours here! Rectangular glasses are wider and sharp-edged and convey an architectural look. They are a great choice for so many people!

You can choose from a variety of materials like metal, plastic , even semi-rimless styles. The smart look of a rectangular shape will emphasize your outfit in a wonderful way. Similar to rectangle frames are the pillowed rectangle one. This style boasts a rectangular frame shape that is slightly puffed or curved along the edges.

They fit wide shaped faces and oval ones. You can browse through a variety of models for wide fit faces here. Figata Square Frame in Green — get yours here. With thick-rimmed glasses , you will definitely have that unique retro look that is a hit this season! These bold square frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go. Coffee House — Get yours here!

Even if they have been around for a very long time, black thick glasses passed the test of time and here there are, standing still! Big Six — Get yours here! Did you know they are similar to Lebron James glasses? They fit round shaped faces and oval ones. The bold black bridge makes the eyes look farther apart, bringing definition to your face and eyes.

This metal can be corrosion resistant , strong, and easily adjusted. Metallic glasses styles range from delicate, semi-rimmed titanium frames and constant classic designs to more sophisticated, streamlined styles with exciting colors. In eyewear fashion for about six decades now, these rectangular thick frames evoke masculinity. What we love about the Wayfarers is how laid back and cool this trend makes you look. These frames guarantee that. They are practical, durable and perfect for men of any age.

The metallic top brow bar trend is a variation of the original flat brow style. The top metal bar is a substitute of the large, straight acetate browline. They turned into a more elegant and modern form. The sleek and refined design perfectly mirrors the current contemporary aesthetic. Around the Block sunglasses — Get yours here! The Around the Block sunglasses is a simple and modern pair of sunglasses. The bold lines enliven the roundness of the lenses.

The top-bar over the bridge adds a whimsical characteristic. Like a good pair of jeans, they are just as contemporary as they are classic. Perfect for big faces with defined features, like a strong jawline, or for a crisp haircut. Another Blogger favorite pair is The Caper. These bad boys are made for hiding in NYC in plain sight! This season is big on style hybrids. These are power glasses called navigators.

Attaboy Sunglasses — See them here! Classic aviators have inspired newer, bolder shapes that are starting to revamp outfits everywhere. Dubbed as the N avigators sunglasses , this new style preserves the essence of metallic aviators. You get the best of both styles: Attaboy Rectangular sunglasses — Get yours here! Attaboy is the perfect example on a boost of confidence. A style that always makes you feel good. The Navigator-Style has been around for decades.

You can just as easily categorize them as oversized frames. The Navigators are not movie star material. A revamp of the classic aviator silhouette, these oversized frames will keep you covered. This style best fits a medium or wide face with forms such as long or oval. These retro men sunglasses talk the talk while you walk the walk. They are inspired by the steam-powered machines of the industrial revolution. Torpedo Round Sunglasses — Get yours here! Half metal, half celluloid acetate in a glossy finish, these bad boys work their magic in matte colors.

You will be surprised how well texture-mixing works with eyewear. For shades that make a statement, this distinctive style definitely speaks for itself. Torpedo Round sunglasses — Get yours here! They have a more prominent metal nose bridge that projects in front of the frame. The Blue Nose frame is a real stand out. Blue Nose sunglasses — Try them on here! A more eccentric frame, very similar to what T. Miller is wearing as Weasel in the notorious DeadPool movie.

Clubmasters are a timeless symbol of coolness in sunglasses trends! The Fitzgerald in Brown — Get yours here!

The Fitzgerald in Black — Get yours here! The nose pad and temple earsock are also adjustable. As an added bonus, these come with a Lifetime Breakage Warranty on the frame and lens plus a day money back guarantee.

The rubberized finish on the frames ensure that grip and comfort never lessens no matter how much you sweat. When it comes to sunglasses, nothing beats the classic Aviator from Ray-Ban. Its timeless cool design will definitely level up your style. These sunnies feature the Chromance lens with has a six-layer anti-reflection treatment, superior polar filters, and high contrast pigments to enhance perception and vision. These shades also come with an eye health e-book, a hard case with a clip, a soft case, a cleaning cloth, and a screwdriver.

As an added bonus, Eye Love gives an eye exam, sunglasses, and glasses to someone in need for every product they sell. Though we must admit, it looks best when worn with smart, casual clothes. These sports sunglasses are in a class of their own. Two colored lenses for looking cool; the yellow is ideal for early morning light, sunsets, and foggy days; the black lens is the only lens that is polarized; and the clear transparent lens is designed for protecting your eyes from dust, wind, insects.

The frame also has stainless steel double spring hinges to create a universal fit. The polarized lenses have UV protection coating. And the engraved bamboo carrying case is just icing on your cake. The lens is And you can choose from two different types of lens material: The wrap around design prevents any sunlight from hitting your peripheral vision.

Yes, your sunnies should definitely make you look cool.

8. Wayfarer Glasses Frames. Men’s Wayfarer Eyeglasses are the classical, iconic eyewear style that proved to be a universal staple, timelessly stylish. This kind of frames looks good on almost everyone. You can match them with almost any outfit. Gold doesn't have to mean gaudy '70s porn star shades. These Topman sunglasses look vintage but not outdated or cheesy, and there's definitely a big difference. Classic rectangular frames complement oval-, round-, and heart-shaped faces. The square edges contrast a rounder face frame. For a simple style change-up, choose a black frame. For a little more.